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Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, NBA always has a face to tell its story of every single generation.

When LeBron James is old enough to pass the torch, who will be the next face of the NBA?

Luckily, in this league, we have got a few youngsters who got what it takes to take the passing torch right now.

Here we are going to list 10 candidates with the aspects of talent, marketability, the team they are on, personal playing style, and personality.


#1. Giannis Antetokounmpo — Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokounmpo shouts to celebrate victory in the game against Knicks| wearing custom basketball jersey with personality

Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing against New York Knicks.[Photograph].Marca

As one of three players in NBA history to ever win MVP and Defensive Player of the Year in the same season, Giannis definitely has his name on the top list.

This Greek Freak shows what his nickname is all about by his powerful performance.

Though having won the NBA championship once, Giannis never seems to take a break, but growing stronger and stronger to get another one and more.



 Undoubtedly, when you talk about the top 3 players in the league now, Giannis is always on the list. Long wingspan, extraordinary height, fast speed, lean muscle, big hands… Giannis checks all the boxes of what it takes to be an outstanding basketball player.


Giannis is and still will be pretty marketable. He has already been a bunch of commercials. Besides endorsement with Hulu, T-Mobile, JBL, and 2K Sports, Nike has also launched his signature shoes and apparel line.

Team Support

Milwaukee Bucks, his team is pretty much of his downfall, since it seems that the Bucks has never been a popular team in the league before Giannis’ coming. Even though Giannis has his perfect teammates, like Jule Holiday, and Khris Middleton, his team still  bring him little exposure.

Playing Style

He is extremely aggressive both for offense and defense. You can never stop his scoring just like you can hardly score under his guard.

Personality & Popularity

People love him for his opposite personality on and off the court. He plays like a monster on the court, while you see him posting funny things and how much he enjoys his life on social media.


#2. Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic holding the ball in the game | Luka wearing Maverick custom NBA jersey| personalized basketball jersey
NBA’s leading scorer Luka Doncic..[Photograph].Marca.Luka DoncicAP.



Luka has always been in the topic of the best player in the current league. For the position he plays on the court, his height help him build advantage. Even though his bounce ability is not outstanding, he uses his special cadence to score on the court.


Luka kind of shows his weakness in marketability, since we haven’t seen him in many commercials. Beside he is not that outspoken, which grabs little attention from the media and brand.

Team Support

Unlike Giannis, Luka’s team Dallas Mavericks is definitely one of the biggest markets and a popular team in the league, which help Luka with more exposure. However, unluckily, his teammates are not supportive enough. Luka may get closer to the champion with better helpers.

Playing Style

Luka is quite versatile on the court. Shooting, dribbling, passing, breaking through, he is good at almost any skills as you can name. He is famous for his cadence and sense, while compared to Giannis and Morant, Luka shows little of his uniqueness. Moreover, his dense is not competitive with his offense.

Personality & Popularity

Even though Luka shows how overwhelming he is on the court, while he is actually a shy guy. In real life, he is not that talkative and seldom posts on social media, which makes people know little of him.


#3. Jayson Tatum — Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum dribbling in the game with the Celtics| Jayson wearing a custom NBA jersey| custom basketball jersey with personality
Jayson Tatum playing against the Chicago.[Photograph].Mass Live. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast.



Jayson is talented in his skills, while when you talk about top 3 players in the current league, few people will mention his name. So if he wants to be the face, it’s necessary for him to get listed in the at least top 2.


You can see Jayson in many NBA’s promotions, and he has already been Jorden endorsements, and face of Ruffles Flavor. According to media, Jayson is going to have his signature shoes, called Tatum 1 next year. Moreover, Jayson’s good-looking face says everything about marketability.

Team Support

With one of the highest revenues in the league, Boston Celtics is absolutely a huge market. As the best the player in this popular team, Jayson Tatum is sure to grab enough attention. Besides, his teammates are supportive enough to help him earn more honors.

Playing Style

With outstanding silky smooth jump shot, Jayson Tatum appeals a lot of fan’s attention. He wants his playing style to be as beautiful as his idol Kobe’s. However, you can hardly find a special trait that sets him apart from others.

Personality & Popularity

Jayson is a humble person who never says anything negative in the public. Staying positive and acting as a gentleman, Jayson receives so much love and attention. His son Duede is adorable enough to help him appeal more fans.


#4. Ja Morant — Memphis Grizzlies

Ja Morant dunking in the game against the Golden State | Ja Morant wearing his custom NBA jersey| customized basketball jersey
Ja Morant dunks against the Warriors.[Photograph].Boston Globe.



Joel Emiid is definitely born with outstanding physical talent. However, it seems that, people always regard him as a borderline top 10 players in current league.


Undoubtedly, Ja Morant is the hottest guy in the current league. He has already been in multiple commercials and most NBA promotions. His highlight come out one by one. Ja is so marketable that his signature shoes are about launched next year.

Team Support

His speed , bounce ability, jump shot, and jaw-dropping athleticism make him challenging to guard on the court. However his size and potential injury are what people concerned about.

Playing Style

Playing style is absolutely Morant’s most shining part. He has one of the most exciting style of playing which make people feel like he is so much like the young Russel Westbrook and young Derek Rose. He has highlights on almost every week, and his flashy playing style really make him stand out.

Personality & Popularity

His flashy playing style, his outspoken personality, and his stylish haircut, all make him fans favorite. He had gained a lot of popularity since he has been in the league.


#5. Joel Embiid — Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid celebrating in the game | Joel Embiid wearing his custom NBA jersey| customizing basketball jersey
Joel Embiid playing for Philadelphia 76ers.[Photograph].Inquirer.



Joel Emiid is definitely born with outstanding physical talent. However, it seems that, people always regard him as a borderline top 10 players in current league.


Joel is pretty marketable, we can see him a lot in commercials. He also had his own signature shoes launched by Under Armour before.

Team Support

Like Jayson Tatum, Joel also gets advantage from his team Philadelphia 76ers. 76ers has always been one of the biggest markets and a popular team in the league. The media of 76ers is quite good at making headlines, which is super supportive for Joel Embiid.

Playing Style

Joel is pretty skilled and graceful at his size, he can shoot outside and is also dominant under the basket. However, it’s hard to find an attribute that stands out.

Personality & Popularity

Joel is usually outspoken to the media, and he is also readily to share his life on social media. However, Joel isn’t really one of the most popular players in the current league.


# Other candidates

Besides the above 5 players, there are still several candidates that meet the demands.

Nikola Jokic –Denver Nuggets

The current consecutive NBA MVP

Devin Booker — Phoenix Suns

Stylish young player and stable mid-range pullup jump shooter

Zion Williams New Orleans Pelicans

A fast moving tank most compared to LeBron James

Trae Young — Atlanta Hawks

A smart PG and a cold shooter often compared to Stephen Curry

Lamelo Ball — Charlotte Hornets

A tall and creative PG with good passing ability and sense of defense, and a social media star


Who do you think will be the next face of the NBA? Feel free to share your comments.




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