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Basketball jerseys featuring different designs and colors, typically have the team name or logo in part on the front, a player’s number on the front and back, and their name on the back, which makes it simple for referees, spectators, coaches, and commentators to readily recognize specific players on the court.

Wearing a jersey has already gone viral for fans to demonstrate their support for a certain NBA player or team. Whereas, finding a perfect one, meanwhile, is not always simple.

Tips below are what you need to know before purchasing.



Depending on the quality of the supplier, many sorts of materials can be used to make basketball jerseys.

Polyester: moisture-wicking and breathable — The very common fabric for jersey making

Nylon: durable, bright, and usually combined with polyester — rarely used now

Cotton: soft and stretchy — less frequently utilized these day



There are numerous places to purchase cheaper ones or ones with premium quality, but getting the jerseys that perfectly suit your need requires a little more effort.

After doing a lot of research, we provide you with a list of top 5 brands that make you great jerseys.


No#1. Fanatics

Fanatics jersey store| the best place to buy custom NBA jersey| basketball jersey store with customiaztion|


As the team behind the NBA e-commerce site, also sells jerseys directly.

Along with their foreign site, they have a massive selection of NBA clothing for just about any team or player you could ever want.

Since it’s one of the NBA’s official partners, customers can be assured of the quality of their purchases at this site.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy-to-navigate filter
  • Functional search
  • A large range of selection
  • Quality guarantee


    ×  Mixed Review

    ×  Problem with exchanging policy


No#2. NBA Store

The cover of NBA store| the best place to get NBA jersey|getting custom basketball jersey


Speaking of authentic jerseys, NBA itself is undoubtedly one of the reliable sources. NBA Store is actually run by Fanatics, while they don’t offer as many jerseys as Fanatics do.

Nonetheless, the ones they do feature are excellent in that you can get a variety of more unique styles or looks including Hardwood Classics and unique color combinations.

Besides jerseys, you can also buy other related apparels on NBA Store, like hoodies, jackets and hats.They also have a good selection of deals, allowing you to save on the higher costs.


  • Premium quality Dri-FIT technology
  • Easy-to-navigate filter by team collection or player collection
  • Discount programs
  • Good after-sales service
  • Other related apparel choices


     ×  Limited selections of jerseys

     ×  Customization is not available


No#3. Nike


Nike selling NBA basketball jersey| custom basketball jersey with personality| custom jersey making website


If you’re seeking for an authentic jersey, Nike  absolutely won’t be your first trip.

However, as one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers, Nike also received permission to sell NBA jerseys. Nike’s inventory is frequently constrained, and they don’t particularly excel in any one thing.

One thing worth mentioning is that Nike does have a liberal 60-day return policy which is more than twice than what is available at the NBA store. Besides, they provide some pretty amazing discounts all year long, so considerate it if you are budget limited.


  • Good return policy
  • Great discount offer


   ×  Limited selections

   ×  Uncertain quality


No#4. Fansidea

Customizing NBA basketball jersey at Fansidea| a great custom jersey maker selling personalized basketball uniform


If you are looking for something more unique, you may as well try custom basketball jerseys. It’s a perfect way to showcase your personality with customized basketball jerseys. After researching a lot, we found Fansidea a great basketball jersey maker for all who are looking for custom embroidered basketball jerseys.

They can manufacture any type of jersey you need, from pinstripe jersey to throwback basketball jerseys. Having been working on it for over 15 years make Fansidea a reliable jersey creator. You can browse a wide range of types of sports team uniforms from football and basketball uniforms.

Just freely add your favorite colors, number, and logo, then they will help you create your personalized jersey with personalized letterman jacket font . If you are aiming to customize uniforms for your team, they offer you big save for bulk orders and get free shipping with no minimum. You my also join the Affiliate Partner Program to get your reward by posting your look on your custom-made jersey. Fansidea is indeed a good place to get custom jersey ideas.

While jersey is not the only thing you can get from Fansidea, they also offer other types of custom apparel, including custom hoodies , customized jackets in various patterns, multi-design custom-made T-shirts , personalized shorts and pants, and even embroidered hats with multiple logo spots.


  • Customization option available
  • A wide range of selections
  • Free shipping with no minimum
  • High satisfaction


    ×  Take relatively long time for processing (Due to its customization)


No#5. Lids

Basektabll jersey store Lids selling NBA jersey| Customizing stitched jersey with personality


Although, Lids is well-known for its hat-selling, you can find NBA jerseys here.

Lids has a wide selection of jerseys of teams and players, whereas, there is a little trouble in locating the fastest map.

Lids lacks a filter for searching for jerseys by types, you must browse by NBA team, though. However, it offers some unique options, such as Scottie Pippen’s ’92 Dream Team jersey.


  • A wide range of selection
  • Regular discounts or free shipping
  • Rare optionsoffer


    ×  Less diverse filter


Final Thoughts 

Basketball jersey is definitely a trendy outfit  nowadays. It’s a way for fans to show how fanatical they are to their beloved team.

Whether for playing games, daily outing or working out, you have to get at least one piece for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for something classic, a modern lookthrowback, or considering where to get custom basketball jerseys, all of the above sites have something to offer.

Go check out and shop now!



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